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    DESIGN WITH CONFIDENCE. Design it, or price it on our portal, then rest assured we stock the components needed to manufacture anything we offer, no exceptions, no excuses, <7-business days.

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    Semi-custom cables, including 1mm and G3PO® / SMPS up to 110 GHz  (you must choose 047 diameter for 1mm and G3PO® selections)
    Shown: Our 1mm Cables and Gauges

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    PROUDLY OFFERING THE WORLDS ONLY 047 diameter Semi-Rigid Cable Suite with available Stainless Steel/BeCu cryogenic cable. CLICK HERE for a gallery of a few examples of CUSTOM CABLES we've created.

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    As a US based company operating in the Silicon Valley RF COAX INC. is easy to do business with.
    Shown: Our 2.4mm Beadless Male Plug