Terms and Conditions

ALL ITEMS ARE BUILT-TO-ORDER: All items are built-to-order, and as such are non-returnable, non-refundable if delivered correct as ordered. Buyers are encouraged to double-check their requirements prior to placing an order. Items not delivered correct as ordered may be returned unused for replacement or refund after contacting our factory for instructions.

PRICES are FOB Orig/FCA Seller, and exclusive of VAT/freight. Buyer pays all duties/taxes.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: For non-Credit Card orders originating outside the US, we prefer shipments are made freight collect. Buyers please if able supply your DHL, FEDEX, or UPS account number for freight collect shipment.

STANDARD DOCUMENTATION: C of C: The Packing List includes a C of C statement. DATA: All cables are tested. Test Data, S11 (Return Loss/VSWR), is included for one unit per Item Number to evidence lot testing, and typical performance. Measured S21 (Insertion Loss) is also provided except for straight “semi-rigid” cables >24-inches long. Test Data per each cable is included when “data” appears in the product description, also noted by suffix "D" in the item number.

RoHS COMPLIANCE: All items are minimum RoHS-5 compliant, (lead in solder only), and full RoHS (also lead free) if stated "RoHS" in the description.